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Pete Pedersen ’66 and Addie Lim Pedersen ’68 had known each other for a couple of years, but they didn’t officially start dating until Pete was working on his teaching credential and Addie was in her junior year.  Pete proposed to Addie under a tree in the northwest corner of the Quad, near the Chapel.  They were married February 2, 1968 in the First Baptist Church of Redlands and honeymooned in nearby Palm Springs. 

 Following Pete’s master’s degree from UC Irvine, Pete and Addie relocated up to San Luis Obispo County.  Eventually landing in Morro Bay, Pete taught biology for 35 years at Cuesta College, and Addie built a successful real estate and property management business, Pedersen Realty & Property Management.  They raised their two daughters, Joan ’92 and Joy, and now enjoy retirement traveling and spending time with their 9-year-old granddaughter, Jade.

Pete and Addie have stayed connected with the U of R over the years.  They most recently attended Pete’s 50th Reunion in 2016.  Their most personally meaningful gifts back to the University include a named chair during the Chapel Renovation Campaign and helping to fund the specially commissioned pieces for the 70th Annual Feast of Lights. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Dennis Guida ’83 and Susan Bibb Guida ’83 met at the U of R in the fall of 1982. Dennis had a class with several of Susan’s Delta sisters and they practiced in her room. Susan worked at Bank of America in Redlands during college, where Dennis had an internship. They ended up going to lunch, dinner and a Toga party at his Kappa Sigma Sigma frat house all in the same day.  What Susan thinks sealed the deal, was sending the fall Delta pledges over to sing a song and ask him to the Delta fall formal. Then her little sister gave him a note and two roses. The note said if he accepted the invitation he was to keep one rose and put the other in her mailbox by midnight. Dennis didn’t have much money at the time, so he went to the rose garden that night and cut 12 roses. (which Susan urges us all to keep a secret!). He put the dozen roses and a beautiful note in her mailbox. Their first date was October 14, 1982. They were engaged at the spring Delta formal April 1983 and married 4 months later on August 27, 1983.  It will be their 35th Anniversary this summer. They have 2 sons and a daughter. Their daughter, Haley is a current UR student and will be graduating this April.

Joe Richardson ’93 and Joi Robinson Richardson ’93 met as freshman in East Hall in 1989. The U of R brought a young man from LA and a young lady from Minnesota together and they are eternally grateful. They grew up so much in their 4 years at Redlands.   The U of R taught them many things about themselves, such as the importance of community and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones.  As they prepare to celebrate their 20-year wedding anniversary, they will always remember where it all started.  They’ve changed in so many ways since their years on campus, but one thing hasn’t changed: their Och Tamale spirit!  Thank you, U of R!  

Dashan Hayhurst ’98,’08 and Jennifer Huston Hayhurst ’98 traveled abroad to Salzburg in Spring 1997 and became great friends and traveling companions. It wasn’t until after graduation they moved out to Orange County, CA and began dating on New Year’s Eve 1999 when Dashan told Jen he loved her for the first time.  They have been inseparable since that day.  Dr. Huntley, their Salzburg professor, married them on New Year’s Eve 2003 at the Burrage Mansion in Redlands. They have 2 sons, Donovan and Garrison and live in Redlands. Dashan is a Gamma Nu and Jen is a Delta (her niece Madeline Huston ’20 is currently an active Delta!). They stay connected to the university by actively attending Homecoming and Alumni events with pumpkin carving at Halloween a family favorite!

Steven Rodriguez ’98, ’06 and Autumn Earle-Rodriguez ’99,’03 met in the fall of 1995 during the all-school Pajamarino held in the Commons.  Steven was working one of many jobs with Campus Events when he saw her, he mustered all his courage and asked her to save a dance after his shift.  Unfortunately, she had just broken up with a friend of his. The party over, quite literally, he walked home with his buddy Toriann Raber ’97 back to Anderson Hall.

The next day, he received a phone call from Autumn and they talked very briefly about the night before and three hours about who they were and how they got to the U of R.  The next night, after a party, Autumn gave Steven a ride home. On the radio was Selena’s song Dreaming of You was playing.  Ultimately, that song became “their song” at their wedding.  

They were married on October 21, 2000 at the gazebo of the University of Redlands Alumni House.  Only You sung by Those Guys, whom Steven was a member of, and Ave Maria sung by Angie Magoun ’01 and harp beautifully played by Susan Urbaniak ’99,’02.  After all those years, they have finally made their way back to Redlands with their girls.  Sharing their experiences catching games, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend and more.  Taking time to tag the rock, checking out his paddle sitting over at the SKA House, and listen to the music always spilling out of Watchorn or the Chapel.  They owe a lot to the U of R for the great connections and friends that they have made but none more so than the love of their lives.

Daniel Coccia ‘04 met Sara Monahan Coccia ‘06 by the campus mailboxes while walking to Larsen Hall her freshman year. They have been together since. Daniel proposed before Sara’s graduation in the rose garden just below the Administration Building.  Ten years of blissful marriage and two beautiful kids later, they both couldn’t be more fortunate. Redlands will always hold a very special place in their hearts for the wonderful memories they made together as well as with their unforgettable friends. 

Eric Doll ’04 and Laure-Lee Reid Doll ’04,’06 met a few short weeks into their freshman year in front of Grossmont Hall. A group of students from the Latin Dance Class decided to go dancing at the Brandin Iron for the night. They had a mutual friend in the class which lead them to meeting in front of Grossmont Hall where an evening of line dancing followed. After their initial meeting, they eyed each other at the pool while Eric was at practice for the water polo team and Laura-Lee was doing pool workouts with the cross-country team. He finally got the courage to ask her on a date after sitting in the hallway of North Hall for a couple hours talking to everyone but her. Their first date was the re-release of the Exorcist at the Krikorian. This was not Laura-Lee’s idea of a great date because she hates scary movies. Thankfully, they recovered from their disastrous first date and dated through all four years at U of R. They were engaged just before their senior year started and were married at the Alumni House two months after graduation. Their lives continued to intertwine with U of R when they bought their first house on Clock Avenue right next to the school. They walked the campus while Laura-Lee was in labor with their first child, a daughter, who learned how to walk under the oak trees on the quad. The University of Redlands has been the foundation for the life they built together, and they will be forever grateful.

James Sbicca ’08 and Amanda Brush Sbicca ’08 met during their sophomore year in 2005. They found out they grew up living just miles from each other and went to rival high schools, but they would never have met if it wasn’t for Redlands! They were married on campus in 2015. They loved going back to where it all started with the university was a perfect backdrop for their celebration. They have a two-year-old son named Joey and are currently expecting their second child in just a couple weeks, a girl named Frankie.

Kevin McNaney ’09 and Patricia Lomax McNaney ’08 met while they were attending the University of Redlands. They both joined Greek organizations in the Spring of 2007 - he joined Pi Chi and Patricia joined Beta Lambda. They first met in May Term 2007 when the Pi Chis hosted the Betas at their house for a social function. They reconnected in Fall 2007 when they had a meditation class taught by Fran Grace. They were married on June 2, 2017, with many fellow Bulldogs in attendance! That dear old U of R is where they met and where they fell in love, and it will always be part of their story! Photo by Chloe Faulkner ’18 

Chad Kyffin '10 and Cassie Pardee Kyffin '09 were teammates on the swim team. Two years after graduation, they both ended up living in Hawaii and started dating and eventually got married in 2016. Their wedding was swimming out and having the ceremony on an island off the coast of Oahu.  They have a 2-year-old pup named Kuya and continue to make their home in Hawaii.

Kyle Johnston ’14 and Missy Utama ’13 met in the fall of 2010 when he was a freshman and she was a sophomore. They met via a mutual friend - Tom Sorenson ’14. Kyle and Missy hit it off right away. He joined Chi Rho Psi while she was abroad for a semester in London during her junior year. That was a hard separation, but it made their relationship a lot stronger when they were back at school together. They recently got married in October of 2017 - about 3 years after they were both out of school. They both loved their time at Redlands and feel so lucky to have met each other!

Rick Peetz ’15 and Kayla Nelson Peetz ’14 met while Kayla went through his line at Trader Joe’s in Redlands. They had both grown up in Redlands but had not met until attending U of R. When she went through his line, they got to talking and realized they had seen each other before at Currier gym. He played on the men’s basketball team and she was a cheerleader. They ended up having a math class together and both took Bill Maury-Holmes’ World Religions class. They dated through their junior and senior year, Kayla cheered for Ricky in his final two years playing for the Bulldogs and supported each other through graduation. On September 17, 2017 everything came full circle when Bill Maury-Holmes married them.