Georgia Young ‘16

She wandered the streets of Paris and Nantes absorbing history and culture while perfecting her French. 

A year abroad in France helped this scholar perfect her French speaking skills.

“One of the proudest accomplishments of my college career was the year I spent abroad,” says Georgia Young ’16, who graduated from the University of Redlands with a joint major in Global Business and French Studies.

Traveling first to Nantes, a city on the Loire in Western France, Young spent a semester there living in a home stay before making the trip north to Paris, where she lived in student apartments for the remainder of her time abroad. Full immersion French classes helped her perfect her French speaking skills, and she also took painting and drawing classes, as well as courses in Renaissance poetry, history of the Arabic world and more.

Outside of the classroom, she explored the Louvre and other museums and took time to wander around the cobble stoned streets, making the most of every opportunity to dive into the local culture.

On campus, too, Young was an enthusiastic joiner, engaging deeply with student organizations such as the Rotaract Club, where she was first treasurer and then vice president, and Alpha Theta Phi, where she held the position of sargent of arms.

Favorite classes during her time here included The Rise of American Capitalism 1860-1932 and Principles of Management and Organization Behavior.

While Young, who hails from northern California, was initially drawn to Redlands because of its beautiful campus and small class sizes, it was the financial assistance she was offered that made attending this university possible for her.  “None of my experiences here would have been possible without the generous financial support I received through scholarships and financial aid,” she says.

Looking back on her four years at Redlands, Young felt both sadness and a sense of hope. “Bittersweet though it is to leave my campus home, I know the University has provided me with the confidence to emerge into the wider world knowing that I can succeed.”

This summer, Young will start in Macy's Executive development program in Portland, Oregon.