Kate Heaton ’16

Sociology major Kate Heaton ’16 jumps into new experiences—in and out of her field of study.


No one can say that Kate Heaton ’16 doesn't take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way.

Before she arrived at the University of Redlands, she applied to 27 outside scholarships, and received 13. As a student, she was the first sociology major to receive the Hanson Summer Service Grant and to be chosen for the Target Executive Internship.

An admissions host and member of Rotaract, Heaton also had the chance to take something she loves—multimedia journaling—and start a club dedicated to the art form. Along the way, she embraced everything that a liberal arts education has to offer.

“It doesn’t matter what you study, it matters how you apply what you have learned,” she said.

Heaton said she was previously “certain” she wanted to go into the special education field, but as she took more classes, her “eyes were opened” to other areas.

“I was interested in studying other populations that I could work with,” she said. “I thought sociology was the perfect step to explore different social groups and organizations of society. There’s freedom to study what you’re interested in, and there are so many paths to take.”

Heaton studied abroad in Paris, and with the aid of the Hanson Summer Service Grant, she spent two summer months in Cambodia in 2014 teaching multimedia art journaling to children who are either HIV positive or have lost their parents to AIDS.

Last summer, Heaton was selected for a Target Executive Internship and worked at a Target store in her hometown of Fullerton, Calif., where she learned about the store’s overall operations with a focus on asset protection.

“These are great opportunities, and sometimes students think that just because it’s usually business students who get this internship, they’re restricted,” she said. “It really comes down to applying what you've learned and taking advantage of opportunities.”