Greek Life at Redlands

Redlands is home to a varied social Greek community with local organizations dating back over 100 years. Active members have found a home on campus where they can focus on leadership, brotherhood and sisterhood, community service, academics and connections with alumni. As leaders on campus, Greeks strengthen their members and help them become stronger individuals through support of the organization. Greek students have a higher cumulative GPA than the average campus GPA, host over 100 registered social events on campus each year and completed over 21,000 service hours a year.

Members of our Greek organizations are consistently some of our most committed, enthusiastic students and alumni. Students credit their involvement in Greek life with helping them to build leadership skills, develop as community servants and in making lifelong friendships.

Greek Life Staff

The Greek Community on campus is supported by one full-time Director and one part-time Coordinator. Greek Life is housed in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. Please click HERE to learn more about the Greek Life Staff.

If you have questions or concerns about Greek Life, please call the Director of Greek Life at 909-748-8284.


Greek Intern:

To help the Director of Greek Life keep the Greek community strong, the Greek Intern is a SLIC student desk worker who assists with Greek administrative responsibilities.