First Year Seminar Experience

The University’s First-Year Seminar (FYS) program, a requirement for all new first year students, is designed to help you through what is sometimes a challenging process of starting college, or an “academic bridge,” if you like, between high school and college. No matter what the course content, your seminar will help you develop and apply learning tools such as critical thinking, careful reading, successful writing, and how to participate effectively in the give and take discussion expected of you in the college classroom. The seminar to which you are assigned will begin during New Student Orientation and continue through your first semester.

During New Student Orientation, you will meet your seminar professor and peer advisor, begin work in your seminar, take placement tests as needed, and register for the rest of your courses for the fall semester.  Your FYS professor will be your initial academic advisor at the University.  Each professor offering a first-year seminar has selected a seasoned, friendly and helpful University of Redlands student who will serve as your peer advisor.

If you are admitted into Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, or as a Music major or minor, there is a designated seminar specifically designed for your program.  Students in these specialty seminars are also housed together in the same residence hall.  Please use the buttons below to see your seminar information, and indicate your specialty seminar as the only choice in your seminar selection.

All other students can indicate top ten choices among any other seminars, including those marked as “Living Learning Communities,” a cluster of seminars around a common theme. Students in these seminars are housed together in a designated residence hall to facilitate community activities and interpersonal learning.  Please take the time to review all the seminar information carefully and be open-minded when you make your selection – this is your first chance in college to explore new subjects and expand your mind!

I was studying the different ways Disneyland makes use of physics in their attraction and at their park. It was an amazing opportunity to learn the science and also to bond with my classmates and make friends at Disneyland.
Aaron Jensen ‘17 Gurnee, Ill.
In my First Year Seminar, we took an in-depth look at the Kennedy family. I was never interested in politics or history, but after spending a semester reading and being engaged in thought-provoking lectures, I started to really enjoy both! I even read a few books about JFK on my own after the class was over, and am currently reading the new biography about Thomas Jefferson.