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It can be difficult to notice all of the things going on around you, but there are many signs that a student may be in distress. Knowing what to look for and how to respond, and/or report, can help those students. The CARE team can help you respond and report your concerns. 
The CARE Team mission statement:

The CARE Team exists to identify students who are experiencing distress or difficulty, and connect those students with campus or community resources to help them manage the distress and resolve the issue(s) at hand so that they can maintain wellbeing and academic achievement. The CARE team also works to educate the university community around issues of wellbeing and university resources and referral options to create a community in which members look out for one another, care, and will be proactive in addressing individual or community concerns.

 Report a concern here.

The CARE Team is comprised of representatives of the following departments and areas of campus:


The Office of Community Standards & Wellbeing
The Department of Residence Life & Housing
The Department of Public Safety
The Office of Academic Success & Disability Services
The Department of Campus Diversity & Inclusion
The Student Leadership & Involvement Center
The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies
The Athletics Department
The Counseling Center


CARE Team Contact info:


More information about how to help a student or friend, click here.