While at least one course in community service is mandatory for every student at the University of Redlands, the opportunities offered here allow students a fulfilling and eye-opening way for students to work for the benefit of the community. Few other areas have the same potential to change a student's life for the better – community service is all about inspiration, and the experiences gained here will no doubt resonate throughout a student's lifetime.

· Courses for the CSL requirement are offered during any semester, May Term, or summer placement

· There are opportunities for community service both near campus and abroad, with a wide array of emphasis, from religion and philosophy to accounting and business

· Study abroad CSL courses from past semesters included locations such as the Kingdom of Swaziland, for a course in global medical ethics, an Asian Studies course in Japan, "Growing up in Japan," and hands-on experience at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic ResearchLabs in Mammoth Lakes, California


For more information on past CSL Courses at home and abroad, contact CSL_Office@Redlands.edu.