MR spaceGuidelines for use of the Meditation Room

You must follow the guidelines to use the Meditation Room. These guidelines are posted on the door to the Meditation room in Larsen Hall, room 210.

Before entering:

• Check the schedule-are you interrupting a class?

• Turn off ALL sound devices (including cell phones, IPods, ect.)

• Respect the SILENCE – Please refrain from talking, listening to music (including headphones), ect.

• Please remove shoes and place all personal items in a cubbyhole.

• Please do not bring food or drink into the room.

• Please do not remove anything from this room.

• Please do not use this room as a study hall (i.e., no reading, typing, text-messaging, writing, or other study activities).

• Absolutely no inflammables are permitted: no candles, no incense, and no open flames of any kind.

• For contemplative practices that involve chanting, email to;