Unique Opportunities

Johnston students play important roles in our community.

Community Assistants, the Community Director, and the Community Interns facilitate the residence hall communities, programming, and community rituals. [PHOTO OF OPEN MIC WITH CRYSTAL FROM BLAIR]

Every year O-Staff plans the Johnston Orientation for incoming first year students. [PHOTO FROM O-WEEK]

Our two Johnston coffee houses are managed and staffed by Johnston students.  [PHOTO OF DAYTIME JAVA] 

Johnston students often co-teach classes with faculty members and on some occasions event teach their own classes in the senior year. [PHOTO OF PROFESSOR AND STUDENT OR STUDENT LED CLASS]

The Integrated Semester is a class for seniors completing a significant Individualized Project. [PHOTO OF INTEGRATED SEMESTER BULLETIN BOARD]

The Integrated Semester in Oaxaca, Guatemala, and Cuba is taught by Professor Pat Waseilewski every other spring.