Nick Giordanp 10' and Jessica Najera 10' KPMG

Nick Giordano 10' and Jessica Najera 10' KPMG

The accounting program encourages accounting juniors to look to internships as opportunities to enhance their academic program and general understanding of business.

Internships allow students to explore career possibilities and integrate classroom learning with practical experience. Additionally, we find that students who complete internships often receive offers of employment upon graduation.

To receive academic credit for an accounting internship, students must complete a research project as detailed in the department internship materials. Students should contact their faculty advisors for more information.

Here are the thoughts of two students recently completing internships:

"During the summer before senior year, I was lucky enough to be a part of the intern class in Deloitte's San Diego office. After training, I worked hard, and developed close relationships with coworkers and clients. Getting a taste of professional life was a bit of a shock when compared to college. For one thing, it was exhausting at first!

"The interns worked together on an extensive presentation for the managers and partners as a culmination of our internship. I was as prepared and ready as anyone from any school because of what I had learned from our professors and the Accounting Society here at Redlands.. Now, I'm set to start my full-time career with Deloitte."

"From the start of my internship in KPMG's Los Angeles office, to the very end, I had amazingly positive experiences. During my internship, I attended seminars, performed community service, attended network events and participated in a case study and mock audit simulation-my team got a trophy! I also had the opportunity to visit four unique client sites in various industries (insurance, retail, and financial services) working with a team of one to a team of thirteen. I am looking forward to starting my professional career at KPMG after graduation!"