Study Abroad

Teresa Lofton 10' and Stephanierose Sarian 10'

The accounting program encourages students that are able to study abroad. We find that generally spring semester of sophomore year fit best into their schedule; other semesters can be arranged on an individual basis.

Theresa Loftin as an accounting major studied in Salzburg, Austria through the University "Salzburg program". She was in Salzburg for the spring semester of her sophomore year in 2008. While abroad, she studied German, Literature, the European Union, and art in the form of ‘Sights and Sounds of Salzburg'. She lived in a house with 22 other Redlands students. They had class upstairs, ate breakfast and lunch downstairs, and at local restaurants for dinner during the week.

Through the program Theresa also visited Italy and Greece as part of the Literature course. The travel involved also contributed to a better understanding of the EU and allowed for the chance to see the viewpoint of different people she encountered along the way. The Salzburg program allows for many opportunities to travel independently as well and Theresa was able to visit Germany, the Czech Republic, France, and Ireland while she was studying abroad.

Theresa reports "Studying abroad is an amazing experience and allowed me to become much more independent and confident in my life. It was truly the best decision I made during my time at the University of Redlands and I wouldn't take back one minute of it."

Stephanie Sarian studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand in the spring semester of her junior year. During her time abroad she attended the University of Auckland, and took classes in auditing, financial management, global economics, and New Zealand politics. As an international student, she was able to live in the International House dormitory complex with over 170 students from around New Zealand and the world. She enjoyed a strong community of friends to eat in the dining hall with, to go to rugby games with, and to explore the surrounding sights.

Being fully integrated in New Zealand and traveling around the country, she was able to meet the diverse groups that populate the country, and see the similarities and differences between cultures in a way that cannot be learned in the classroom. She was also able to travel around the South Pacific to Australia and the Cook Islands experiencing developing regions to highly commercial areas.

"Studying abroad made the entire world more accessible and opened my mind to the endless possibilities that exist within the world."