Degree Programs

 The Major

Asian Studies (AST) offers an interdisciplinary major, which allows students to combine different types of courses from the list of Asian Studies and Asian Studies crosslisted courses. AST major requirements consist of:

1) 14 courses of 3-4 credits each, which includes a Senior Capstone project, 2) Asian language proficiency at the third-year completion level, and 3) at least one semester of study abroad.

Bachelor of Arts

  1. Depth Courses:

    Minimum of seven courses that directly contribute to the student's area of emphasis (see Section IV for the definition of the area of emphasis).

  2. Breadth Courses:

    Minimum of six courses outside the student's area of emphasis, designed to maximize the student's exposure to intellectual diversity within Asian Studies.

  3. Senior Capstone:

    One for the completion of a Senior Capstone project. Students must contact an AST advisor at the end of the third year to choose between the two options described below. Detailed guideline for Senior Capstone is available through an AST advisor.

Option A) Senior Project-Conducted during the last semester at the University, the senior project is intended to showcase the student's accomplishment as an AST major. Students may choose, in consultation with an AST advisor, to pursue a portfolio, semesterlong research project, or other significant project as the culminating experience as an AST major. The project is reviewed by a committee, which consists of three AST and/or AST Advisory Committee faculty. Required: one semester of 400-level Directed Study of 4 credits.

Option B) Honor's Thesis-This option is recommended for majors who are making steady progress in their Plan of Study and highly motivated in their academic work. It requires a major research undertaking conducted through both semesters of the senior year. The thesis is submitted to the committee, which consists of three AST and/or AST Advisory Committee faculty, and considered for departmental honors. To be eligible for Asian Studies honors, students must have at least a 3.45 cumulative GPA in AST major courses. Required: one semester of 400-level Directed Study of 4 credits. Honors students may enroll in up to 8 credits of such directed studies.

II. Language Requirement

Majors must demonstrate proficiency in an Asian language at the third-year completion level. Currently, the Asian Studies Program offers two language programs: Chinese and Japanese. Students who wish to pursue another Asian language must describe in the Plan of Study how they will fulfill the proficiency requirement, subject to approval by the AST Advisory Committee.

III. Study Abroad Requirement

One semester of study abroad in an Asian location relevant to the student's plan of study is required. Relevant courses from study abroad may be counted toward AST course work, within the restrictions on Course Work Requirements as stated previously.

IV. Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is a tool designed to help AST majors set their own learning goals and map out the course of study toward those goals. Upon declaring the AST major, students will work closely with their AST advisor and develop an individualized plan, which is submitted to the AST Advisory Committee for approval. They are strongly encouraged to have the Plan of Study approved by the end of the second year, and periodically review and adjust the Plan, in consultation with the AST advisor.

The Minor

The minor requires completion of at least one year in Chinese or Japanese language study consisting of two courses, and six AST or AST cross-listed courses. Of the six courses, at least one must be taken at the 300 or 400 level, and the student must take courses from at least two disciplines other than language study.

Course Catalog

Asian Studies Catalog 2016-2018