Master of Business Administration

We know you want knowledge that you can use now, so we teach you what techniques are working in other companies and how you can make them work in your own.

The Redlands MBA (Master of Business Administration) program addresses the unique challenges that you will face in an increasingly fluid, technology-driven and global environment. With a careful blend of critical thinking skills and practical exercises, you will focus on developing the skills you need to:

  • Apply business knowledge in many different situations

  • Communicate effectively

  • Understand multiple perspectives of a problem

  • Use ethical reasoning to determine how a proposed solution may affect your company and the wider community

At Redlands, you will learn not only to think critically, but to take that level of thinking and effect change in socially and ethically responsible ways.

We offer two tracks: A two-year evening MBA program for working adults and professionals and a one-year evening MBA program for adults and professionals not employed full-time.

A foundation in the liberal arts grounds your MBA and is fundamental in developing your ability to be both innovative and decisive--driven by a true sense of purposefulness. Likewise, the skills you hone in written and oral communication will help you outperform those who cannot clearly articulate their purpose and intentions.

Our students are an equal mix of males and females—about 56 percent are married and 63 percent have children. Most are employed full-time while completing their MBA, many as mid-career managers ready to advance their careers and others seeking new career paths or a new skill sets needed to stay current and marketable. They select Redlands for its reputation, its relevance, its excellent teaching and its convenience. Upon graduation, our MBA graduates join an impressive network of nearly 50,000 University of Redlands alumni.

MBA classes meet one or two evenings a week, depending on whether you choose the one-year or two-year MBA. Class sessions include seminars, lectures, case analyses, online exercises and group activities. Student interaction inside and outside of the classroom is encouraged and is considered key to a successful experience. Students may take advantage of online career services, personalized academic advising, one-to-one mentoring opportunities, international study courses and speaker's bureau events.

All MBA candidates may choose from four optional MBA concentrations including: Location Analytics, Global Business, Finance, and Marketing. These courses are delivered in a Web-enhanced format and often bring together students from multiple California campuses on alternating Saturdays.