Study Abroad Scholarships

There are two scholarship opportunities available to study abroad students.  Students may apply once they have chosen a specific trip. 

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Scholarship Opportunities

Student Leadership Position(s) - Award $500-$1,000
Offered to all students participating in any study abroad course: One to two student leaders selected per course.
Robert Scott Lindsay Memorial Scholarship $500 - $1,000
Offered to students participating in any study abroad course: One scholarship recipient per course.

Hartsock Gift- Specifically for the Cambridge-London-Paris Trip $500

Rick Hartsock (MBA '14) has provided an annual gift of $500 to be awarded to a student participating in the Cambridge study abroad course. Rick participated in the 2014 Cambridge program as well as the Global Consultancy Capstone, and is an ardent supporter of our international programs. He is a health care entrepreneur in the Inland Empire, and he is about to graduate from Brown University's Executive Health Management Program. 


To Apply:

Send a cover letter outlining your interest in the program, including how participation in this course will enhance your educational experience at the University of Redlands and further his/her academic and professional goals.

A current resume.

A letter of recommendation from at least one of the student's professors.

There are specific application deadlines for each award.
For additional information about any of these scholarship opportunities or our study abroad programs in general, please contact Christine Mee at
909-748-8748, or