All About Housing

A residence hall at the University of Redlands is more than just a place to rest your head at night. Living in a hall will expose you to a diversity of individuals, ideas, and cultures, all under one roof. Your experiences will be one of the keys to a broader and more enriching life, not only for your years at the University of Redlands, but long beyond that time.

At Redlands you have a variety of living environments from which to choose. There are single-sex and coeducational halls, as well as apartment style housing. The residential facilities vary in architectural style and capacity. If you are a Johnston student you are strongly encouraged to live "on complex", in Bekins or Holt halls. You will have many options from which to choose as you explore the possibilities of a new home that meets your style of living.

Residence hall descriptions can be reviewed online.

As a result of the University's commitment to the residential life program, all students who are under 23 years of age and who do not live with immediate relatives or legal guardians, within a reasonable distance from campus, are not married or in a domestic partnership are required to live on campus and to participate in a University meal plan for all four years. Please note, housing is not guaranteed for students under the age of 16 or over 23 years old and is only assigned on space available basis. Students who have received express permission from the Student Life Office to live off campus are the exceptions to the housing requirement. Petitions for off-campus living must be completed, received and approved through the online Student Housing System (see the checklist).

Residence Hall Assignment Process

For students starting in the FALL semester please complete the required housing application found on the online Housing portal located on the top toolbar of your myRedlands page (see the checklist). Remember, most rooms are double and triple occupancy, but there are a limited number of singles (cost more!), and quads. We cannot guarantee you will receive the room size of your choice, so please keep an open mind. Many students who request doubles or quads will be assigned to triple rooms based on availability of space. Be sure to pay special attention to your hall choices, as some First Year Seminars have mandated living in a particular residence hall. You can anticipate receiving confirmation of your housing assignment via your personal e-mail in early July, which will include information about your room, roommate(s), and residence hall location.

For students starting in the SPRING semester, your hall assignment will be confirmed by personal e-mail no later than the end of December. Regardless of whether you are living on or off campus, all new Spring students are required to complete the appropriate Housing Applications found on the Student Life portal.

Should you have any kind of medical accommodation requirements please refer to and complete the Accommodations Packet.

Residence Hall Management

The Residence Life and Housing Staff are dedicated to building lasting communities of learning. They contribute to a positive collegiate and holistic experience for every resident on campus by providing guidance on a variety of topics and planning educational, social, and developmental programs. They also see to it that the halls are comfortable and conducive to academic achievement. Students are invited and encouraged to work with the hall staff in planning the use of the residence hall activity funds allocated each semester. Get involved to make the most of your new living environment.