What is a First-Year Journey?

First-Year Journeys offer adventure and the chance to make friends and learn about life at Redlands before the school year starts.

Applications are due Friday, June 13th by 5:00pm

Choose from one of fifteen available trip options and connect with a group of 10-12 new students for five days of exploration and discovery. Together you will discover new places and hone new skills, while building memories and friendships along the way.

Budget tight? No problem.

We've got scholarships that can partial or full cost. For more information, contact Andrew Hollis, director of recreation, at 909.748.8098.

When you go on a First-Year Journey, it broadens your world...

Deciding to go on a First-Year Journey was the single most beneficial decision I’ve made in my entire life. It gave me a whole new perspective on life, the wilderness and myself. I met my very best friends on my First-Year Journey and it introduced me to the Outdoor Programs family—a family which is supportive of everybody it meets. My time in college would not have been half as enjoyable if I had not gone.

Leah Cotton ‘15
Newton, MA

My First-Year Journey completely changed my experience of starting college. It introduced me to the most incredible people, who remain my close friends today, so I didn't have to worry about not knowing anyone at Redlands.

Sophia Steilen ‘17
Santa Monica, CA