Critical Perspectives on Education and Inequality in America

Community-based Section From Inside the Juvenile Justice System

Are you interested in teaching? This course explores critical perspectives on education and justice, while learning inside a juvenile detention center alongside incarcerated youth. Topics include theoretical frameworks for understanding the work of teachers, the purpose of public education in a democratic society, the intersection of race, class, gender, and discipline in schools.

Special Section of Foundations of Learning

MALT 601

EDUC 501

EDUG 401

Sections of this course will be cross-listed REST & SOAN in the College of Arts and Sciences
Elective credit also available upon request and department approval

Fall 2018 meeting days

This course meets off campus

Weds: 5:30PM-7PM
Fridays: 9AM-11:50AM

Note: All interested students must contact Dr. Charest  and submit an application ASAP.
Students must complete a special probation background check & training prior to the start of the course. Fieldwork and community service hours available.

For inquiries, please contact Dr. Brian Charest