Our increasingly interconnected world creates movements of ideas and people that profoundly affect the work of educators and counselors. School of Education (SOE) students are provided the opportunity to develop the global literacy necessary for them to understand and address the cultural backgrounds and perspectives of the people with whom they will work.

The Global Classroom

Global Classroom 

Our global classroom consists of a wide range of comprehensive experiences for our students. For example, the curricula of all our programs heavily emphasize multiculturalism.  The SOE faculty are an important resource as well. A fourth of them were born outside the US and so bring ideas and perspectives from countries such as Antigua, Sweden, and the Philippines. Additionally, the visiting scholars from around the world whom the school hosts bring international perspectives to our classrooms. Students also work with faculty who have held Fulbright appointments (e.g., in Korea) and who are engaged currently in consultations and collaborations with training and research projects in countries Mexico, China, Korea, and the Philippines.