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At the heart of the Redlands experience is the belief that education should be highly personalized, relevant, and interdisciplinary. No student's experience is exactly like another's—from the first-year seminar to study abroad, students have the flexibility to chart their own path. Here, you do more than choose your major and minor. You create a personal, holistic academic experience. 

An uncommonly beautiful campus

Within easy driving distance from both beaches and mountains, cities and deserts, our main campus is peppered with peaceful orange groves, stunning architectural landmarks, and more than 1,700 trees. Learn more

About our fields of study

With more than 40 majors and minors, the College of Arts and Sciences seamlessly blends interdisciplinary learning with hands-on pre-professional training. Because the classes are small, students get plenty of one-on-one attention from teachers and build real-world experience. Maybe this is one reason Redlands grads are sought after by employers, graduate schools, and volunteer organizations.

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About our faculty

Your professors are not hiding in their labs or locked in their offices. Their doors are open, and when you walk in you'll find academic mentors who are eager to help. You're not interrupting: you're learning in the best way possible—face to face with an expert.

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