Student Life

The possibilities for discovery and growth are everywhere.

Welcome to our community

Our campus is alive with opportunities for discovery. Whether you’re joining a fun student activity, meeting friends at the big game or grabbing a bite to eat, you’re always in the mix.

The experience of a lifetime

Redlands is an exciting, inclusive and always-active community. Test your own boundaries, meet new people and grow into the confident, inquisitive and spirited individual you were always meant to be.

Community Standards and Wellbeing

Learn more about the ways in which the University of Redlands upholds its standards. The practices of the University are always to educate, enhance, and support student connection to the University community.


Get out of the classroom and get involved. We offer practically endless opportunities for student leadership and participation so you can get the most out of your Redlands experience.

Diversity and inclusion

Our differences unite us and make us stronger. We welcome the unique perspectives and life experiences that all students bring to Redlands.


Have fun in your comfort zone or go out on a limb and discover new facets of your personality that you never knew were there.

Student support

Facing academic challenges, stress and various health issues is tough, and all students need a little help sometimes. Redlands’ network of student services offers counseling, healthcare, tutoring and more, which means you’re never far from the support you need.