Self-Service (Student Planning) Guide

Please use the information on this page to navigate Self-Service. If you are unable to resolve any Self-Service issues and need assistance, please email us at

Personal Pronouns

Self-Service (Student Planning) now includes the option for selecting your preferred personal pronouns. These pronouns will appear on faculty rosters, the advising section of Self-Service, and under advisee details. To select your preferred personal pronoun, log into Self-Service, click your name/avatar from the top right of the screen.Personal Pronouns 1.jpg

Select user profile from the drop-down list.

Personal Pronouns 2.jpg

Select the pencil icon next to personal identity preferences.

Personal Pronouns 3.jpg

From here, you can select your preferred personal pronoun under identity details. Be sure to hit save for the changes to take effect.   

Personal Pronouns 4.png



Application for Graduation

If you will be participating in the April 26th, 2019 Commencement ceremony, you must complete and submit an Application for Graduation no later than December 1st, 2018. To complete the application, log into Self-Service (Student Planning) and select Graduation Overview

Graduation Application 1.jpg

From here, select Application Status and Apply

Graduation Application 2.jpg

Complete all field in the application. 

Graduation Application 3.jpg

Upon completion, you will be sent a confirmation email. 

Graduation Application 4.jpg

For any additional assistance or questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 

Text Messaging Opt-in

The University of Redlands has implemented a new texting policy. The Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services, and Student Conduct may reach out to you via text messaging. Students must opt-in to receive messages from other departments. To do so, log into Self-Service, navigate to the Daily Work menu, and then to the Communication Preferences page. 

Text Messaging 1 .jpg

The Communication Preferences page will direct you to the secure, University of Redlands login page. 

Text Messaging 2 .jpg

Once logged in, you may choose to opt-in to receiving text messages from other departments. To save your opt-in preferences, please click the Update Preferences button. 

Text Messaging 3.jpg

Confirmation of opt-in will show when this is complete. 

Text Messaging 4.jpg


Faculty Consent Warning

If you've received a Faculty Consent Warning in Self-Service, faculty must grant you (the student) permission to add the course. Please contact the listed faculty for permission to add online. 

Faculty Consent Warning.png

Unofficial Transcript(s)

Current students only - to locate your unofficial transcript(s) after logging into Self-Service, navigate the left pane to the Academics sections, and then to the Student Planning section. At the bottom of the Student Planning section, you will see the tab indicating Unofficial Transcript(s). You can access your unofficial transcripts from this screen. If you would like to order official transcripts, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse's secure website. Unofficial Transcripts.png

Johnston Online Course Contracts

To access the Johnston Online Course Contracts once logged into Self-Service (Student Planning), navigate to daily work, click on the submit a course contract tab, and follow the instructions below.